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 I ran across a new LDS site that promotes people to take pictures of graves and upload them from the "smart phones" or "android" cell phone to a database in Utah. Here the tombstone pictures will have their transcriptions transcribed by volunteers, and then be re uploaded into the LDS database so everyone can access the info free. The LDS is encouraging everyone to go out to cemeteries all over the world, take tombstone pictures, and upload them to the database.

Sounds like fun...rather...I used to think Find A Grave was better than canned beer...until the zealots decided to speak up on how my picture taking abilities were not good enough and I found out how many duplicate gravestones are added each day. I have my people all set up 'looking good', and I find out a volunteer took it on their own to take pictures of the whole cemetery, upload every single one, duplicates and all. Now the cemetery has two "memorials" of my ancestors. Half of this reasoning to the volunteers is to have high numbers of pictures taken on their profile. The other half is taking the mass pictures out of the goodness of their hearts, and never stopping to think there is a method to the madness on Find A Grave.

Case in point...My father passed away this summer. Yes, he was a veteran...of three wars no less; a career Marine that went from private to Bird Colonel. Before he was even "cold in the grave", some gal in Montgomery Alabama (where he is buried) snatched his obit up and immediately made him a "memorial" on Find A Grave. This wouldn't be so bad...but she insisted on posted his lengthy obituary, which probably caught her attention and patriotism. The obituary had his career and his family in error. If you read the obit, it sounds like my stepmother was my birth mother. It may seem petty now, but 100 years from now, some enterprising genealogist may be working on my family line, and use that obit for a source. What happens to my mother??? Hopefully, the researcher will be thorough as we are here in this group, and realize there are discrepancies. Plus, for some reason..the newspaper did not edit the obit for grammatical errors...they took it lock stock and barrel, which is a disservice to my father. He would have a fit if he knew how the incorrect grammar and the incorrect dates of his resume were published.

My opinion/suggestions to these sites are....having a cutoff date when to upload obits and gravestones. Make the cutoff date 25 years after someone dies before offering people you do not know to gravesite databases. Let the deceased have some respect. They are not just another number or photograph to be counted. I realize in this day and age, immediate information is expected. But, we run into hurt feelings and awkward situations, such as this lady has created with what is left of my family (my sister and I). I also realize that even if there were rules and guidelines, many people would not follow them anyway.

To sum this up~~~~~ Genealogy is like herding cats, especially when it comes to the internet.

The end of my rant!!
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