How Is Your Research Progressing?

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Mine stalled big-time months ago. Then, with this move from MSN, requiring hours of transferring material from the four sites I manage, I've not had time
to even consider genealogy searches. I've begun again, but slowly.

How is everyone else doing? Or not doing?
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I got a "hot tip" on one of my surnames from putting google through it's biweekly paces. Every other week, i run a set of surnames with different
combination of keywords, to see if anything new pops up.

I noticed my Dad's side of the family came up on another genealogical tree site, so I had to join, then I could contact the person who posted the info.
Some of the names were wrong, ect...but I didn't point that out in the first contact. I told the person who I was, how i connect, and asked if they wanted
to exchange research. Also, I asked if they could answer a few questions.

They write back, said since we have the same ancestor we must connect, yes they wanted my research, and what questions do i have?

So i wirte back and corrected the names they had wrong in the gedcom they had posted, and then expanded on what family member I have consulted with, and
explained I found family members overseas where my dad's family came from. The questions I asked were where did they get their info and asked if they were
related to so and so.

Maybe this weekend I'l get a reply......They were quick to acknowledge me, but when it came time for "talking turkey" they clamed up...just like
the other two people of this family did when I sent some of my research to them, but they never gave me a clue on what they had, other than what they had on
the internet, or what conversation in an email they sent me when they found my stuff in these groups.

My sister and I are always joking there is a secret hidden on that side of the family. Everytime I get in contact with a "Real McCoy", they disappear
like "Casper the Ghost" or only make contact when I email a friendly, "how are you" email every once in awhile to let them know I'm
still around. They are friendly, but they sure clam up LOL.

Very frustrating, but I'll get over it. I don't give all my stuff away like I used to. I hold on to a little so maybe they'll ask for more, which
opens the door to me to ask for at least a clue,LOL.

If only they just give names, with no explanantions, that would be great LOL Just a breadcrumb.....I can research the heck out those few clues, LOL!

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All my stuff is out there, on the net, so people can take what they want. Probably there are many who never communicate with me.

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I have to do something in the way of genealogy research or I will go nuts. Nutser. YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT HELPING! Image

So, while I'm waiting for people to ask for help in their research, I've decided to pick out a piece of my family tree and work on it. Decided on my
Pease ancestors and their descendants.

I've made a separate file of all the descendants of my earliest Pease ancestor - Robert.

This is how it shapes up right now:

435 individuals

15 generations

102 surnames

99 places

57 source citations

I have tons of notes on these folks, so I've worked hard on it in the past. Still, there is more that can be done, such as additional descendants, the
pedigrees of many of the spouses of cousins, etc.

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I have had times where I worked a lot on my family history. I have also had busy times where I could not find time for it. I guess we all have schedules that
fluxuate. I would like to spend more time on mine. I think when I found less, I stopped looking as hard. My mother once gave me the name of an uncle and it
broke down one wall. Since we moved, the records have been stashed in a big container in the shed. They are here, but less accessable.

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I am trying to research several parts of my family and help some friends. My sister's boyfriend is from England and I have been trying to research some of
his family. I really am having a hard time with researching in England. Does anyone know if England last census was in 1901? Her boyfriend's name is
Whitticase. They also have Kitchen and Tunnards in their family. I do have his name Rodney J Whitticase born in 1944 May 23, his father was John William
Whitticase and his mother was Marjorie or Margaret (I can't read my own writing)Her name was Kitchen. Rod has been living in Hong Kong off and on since
1954.(back to england for school growing up) My sister lives in Hong Kong and has now for about 20 years. Anyway I find it hard to research in England. Any
hints would be helpful. Thanks Linda

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I am revisiting some of my surnames to see if any more info has come on line for them...

I am also helping my boss at the grocery store to search her ancestors. We are having a good time so far, and I'll probably be asking for help for her
surnames here real soon.

I got to go to the library to do some research. Lucky for us, she has at least 4 generations here in the county.

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I am reading a new book about Lincoln and came across a brief discussion of his 1860 campaign manager (and much more) Norman Judd. I have Judd ancestors, so I
thought I'd try to trace his ancestry.

Success! He is my cousin through the Judds, but also through the St. John family. I'll enter all the data tomorrow. I count this day one well-spent.

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i wanted someone to write me out a tree with fancy writing i started organising the stuff and relised i had little more than a name for some i thought were all
stored, looks like this is where i am reserching during the holadays, Not that i will get much done with the kids tripping me up.
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I've been doing almost nothing for several months. Have recently started fine-tuning some of it, correcting some errors, adding a little. I just updated
my gedcom on RootsWeb, and that needed doing.