I am confused, thankful

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I am a writer and editor on occasion.

I taught high school English and college introductory composition courses long enough to pay off my student loans.

My passion is learning, so google is my best friend.

I find my site just fine after I explored away from your group, but I couldn't locate your site again. Guess I'm handicapped by MSN's "my

I don't know why the title of your group follows me around to every post, and I don't know how to change it.

Stumbled here again by entering your nic in the search engine.

It took me forever to make all the decisions but I've created a group here:

Writers Help Writers:


If I get lost again, maybe you can drop me a line. I'll try Subscribe to this topic.

My family tree is at RootsWeb, Ancestry, and Genealogy.com., and usually titled Parker and McGeoghegan 7Jun1964. The one I update the most frequently is:

Parker and McGeoghegan, 7Jun1964

Entries: 1641 Updated: 2008-09-12 21:13:04 UTC (Fri) Contact: Shirley McGeoghegan


My contact name has changed with the whims I have about privacy. Currently, and because members on both sides of our family want to view the family tree,
I've felt compelled to use my married name, so they know for certain they are looking at our family. It also works better when cousins discover we are
cousins that I no longer have to confess my name is not actually Olivia Rose Parker, my pseudonym. My dad wanted to name me Olivia, and my older sister (14 at
the time) wanted to name me Rose, but my mom named me Shirley Elaine. What's in a name? For my writing, my words, I put my family surname, PARKER on them
and not my husband's.

Thanks in large part to LincolnsSparrow I know far and away more about my family than I ever thought was even possible. Norma and HoosierBeth have added
immensely to my knowledge of genealogy and family history. I can't thank the three of them enough: (((hugs))).
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Nickel, thanks for joining.

The only way I can find a group I've joined but don't manage is by bookmarking the home page. That feature on MSN ("My Groups") was a good

Yuku is being overwhelmed with refugees from MSN and as a result of all our questions, complaints, and suggestions will probably add some features. Management
here is very responsive.

I read somewhere that the global search engine can take a month or longer to pick up new groups. The engines on each site work within just a few days.

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About your username having the name of this site attached......... I made the same mistake you did when I first signed up to Yuku. I signed in when looking at
a group, rather than going to the Yuku "Home" site and signing in there.

You can't change that, but you can change your username. You get five "profiles" with a regular free account. Go here and sign up again:


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Okay, I discovered this by accident. When you open your "home/profile" page, up in the right hand corner is a button that says Navigation. Click on
this, then in the center of the page that opens click on the tab that says Communities, then click on My Communnities. That should bring up a list of any
community you have posted in (posting automatically makes you a member I believe). Anywho that's how I got back here the second time.

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Right you are! Image

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SWEET! Thanks, Mamawolf.

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Still with my daughter for as long as she needs me. Grandson3 (2 1/2 years old) removed every last key on my computer, tossed them over the banister, and
watched them float downstairs. Son3 has 80% of the keyboard restored--not that it matters, precious little time is available for me to use it.

I've lost weight--my jeans not only fit, they're a bit loose.

Grandson4 will be 5 months the end of this month, and it looks as though next February is the earliest that my daughter will be able to stay home with her
sons, and I return to my realm, and genealogy.

I am so tired at the end of the day......this was all much easier when I was in my twenties.

Wishing you all good luck with your genealogy projects. T

Missing you, but this time next year I should be making progress once again with my own.

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Well, that was a blast from the past to read. My jeans are too tight, once again. Have not made adequate lifestyle changes since leaving my daughter's household, am challenged just to hold the scale steady.

Back to the purpose of opening this thread: Yesterday, I shared my GRINNELL's with a GRINNELL family association group on Facebook: got a nice reply, request for the rest of the lineage down to me, and a prompt to join for annual $15. Well, I posted the rest of my lineage down to my grandparents and here's the rest of my reply:

Hope that helps your files. I have more detailed

information on their individual pages: siblings and

children, other marriages. I am working my way back through

the generations, accumulating sources and verifying. All I

have is mere names at the top of my lineage which provide

my outline for research. If you can verify the generations

I've listed or indicate the weak links that'd be great. My

gedcom is on Rootsweb and contains most of the

documentation and sources that I have: "Parker and

McGeoghegan 7Jun1964" Please, help yourself, but as always

with family history and genealogy, verify. If I haven't

quoted text, I don't have it. A work cited is one from

which I hope to acquire the relevant text.


Fortunately, it occurred to me that if I had given her all the lineage down to me, I would have given her all the answers to the most common security questions that I encounter online. The realization startled me. A question unrelated to family, isn't always an option. Sometimes the only option is your mother's maiden name or birthplace. So there I am, thinking of my son3's sage advice: If you don't want it known, don't put it online.

Yes, they'd also need account numbers; still, it was a bit unsettling.

I love using semi-colons, correctly.

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Semi-colons.............  I recently read a book that was hard to wade through.  The punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure was so bad it was distracting.  The author thought that semi-colons, colons, commas, hyphens were all just decorations to throw on the page in order to make it look better.  His spelling was also atrocious; in fact, it was unbelievable.  Where he wanted "to" he wrote "too," and where "too" was proper he used "to."
My opinionated opinion:  punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure serve to foster the smooth flow of ideas.  When done correctly, we don't even notice.  Where incorrect, we scratch our heads and reread the sentence or paragraph, trying to make better sense of the thing.
End of rant, for today.

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Kinda like my Dad's obituary. I still can't get over the fact they spelled Purdue University~~~ Perdue (like the chicken)... No break of paragraphs either. Just one big block of type.They printed it that way in the newspaper. It's one thing to have unedited obituaries on a funeral home's website...but the major daily newspaper in Montgomery, Alabama didn't proof read before they printed it.
My writing professor called overuse of semi colons "sprinkling semi colons to and fro". My first paper came back with that notation, LOL!! After that, I quit using them, unless it was actually needed. That was very rarely. I wrote an email to her once, and when I was closing, I jokingly wrote, "See! I didn't use any semi colons" which delighted her to no end.