My Family's Oral History

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I am collecting family stories that I remember from my family that were told to me. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, the white Haviland China comes out, along with the silver service, and the table was set. As the family sat down for the holiday meal, my mother would tell the story of how the china came to our family. To this day, I still use this china and I am the one to tell the history of the china before we eat. When I am gone, my daughter will take over the china and the story.
Here is the story:
John Carson from Butler County, Ohio was my third Great Grandfather. The Carson family was living in Butler Co, Ohio in the early 1800's.They decided to migrate to Fayette County, Indiana and they ended up in Hamilton Co, Indiana where they stayed. The family packed their things up in a covered wagon, and the most important "thing,” was to pack the china.
They took the quilts they made and wrapped the china up, and packed it in barrels that they built.
They made it to Fayette County, Indiana first, and then moved up to Hamilton County. Through all the moves, not one piece of china had been broken.
My father was a career Marine, and our family moved all over the U.S., and to Central America. My Mom bought three or four metal garbage cans. She packed her heirloom china in these barrels with the original quilts (and regular newspaper) and moved them everywhere we were stationed. Not one piece of china broke.
Must have been the “barrels” (trash cans), good luck, or the spirits were watching over that china!! I tend to think it was the spirits!