My Granddaughter has become a muslim

Thanks to Totie for this idea - religion was extremely important to many of our ancestors.
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Or so she says.  I come from a long line of Protestants, although I was raised a Catholic.  After my paternal grandmother died my father and his sister were adopted by their Uncle and Aunt who were Catholics.  My maternal Grandfather was Catholic but left the religion to my Grandmother who was a Baptist.  So name a Christian religion and I've got ancestors who have practiced it, including a lot of Quakers in one line and, of course, Pilgrims and Lutherans.  If you observe a lot of graves in New England cemeteries seem to be rising and falling it's because all my ancestors are rolling over.  We hope it's just a young person's flight of fantasy (she's 21).  Maybe it's better than booze and drugs.  One can only hope.

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I have friend who child became a Muslim, but she left. Her conversion was for her boyfriend and not for herself. Perhaps in time she will change back.

However I am not a practicing Christian. Churches have left me cold, I have meet too many bad ones. Yet, I still believe just not everything.
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