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How the Family Bible Came To Our Family
Here is a fun story I have heard through the years from my Grandparents Hazel Marie Ackerman Stockmaster and Frederick Charles Stockmaster. My mother also used to tell this story if my Grandparents were not around. This is very thick, beautifully illustrated, with a Biblical dictionary, along with the science from the early days of Christianity all included, along with an index Bible

4 generations (including myself) have told this story:
• Martha Louise Stockmaster Burritt
• Fredrick Charles Stockmaster
• Grace Louise Carson Stockmaster
• Orrenda Willes Carson
This story is about the family Bible from the James R Carson family in Hamilton County, Indiana:
James R and Orrenda Willes Carson were my 2nd Great Grandparents who lived in Hamilton County, Indiana.
One day, as the story goes, a peddler came to the door selling family Bibles. Orrenda wanted one, and had James' name engraved on the front leather cover in gold lettering. She then wrote all the weddings, marriages, deaths, and grandchildren in the family tree pages of the Bible.
From the story, J.R. was annoyed/angry that she spent so much money. As the story goes, either he wasn't in town at the time, or not there at the house when she bought it.
I vaguely remember the story, but I remember she bought it off a door-to-door salesman and/or peddler.